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Princeton University
Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Numbered Memoranda

Numbered memos are issued periodically throughout the academic year to remind department chairs, department managers, and professional librarians about policies and upcoming deadlines and also to announce new policies or changes to current policies that affect the administration of our faculty, professional researchers, professional specialists, and professional librarians. 

The departmental numbered memos are on a secured site and only current faculty and staff at the University may access the memos posted from academic year 2003-04 and onward.  If you have any questions about the departmental Numbered Memos, please contact Associate Dean Sandra Johnson. 

For the numbered memos specifically pertaining to the professional librarians, please link to the following web page: Numbered Memos for Professional Librarians.   For questions about the professional librarian Numbered Memos, please contact Senior Associate Dean Toni Turano.