Stanley Chidzik

Senior Technician, Department of Physics

Stanley Chidzik has worked in the Department of Physics for more than 25 years. He came to Princeton with a working knowledge of electronics, gained from serving in the United States Air Force for five years. As a senior technician, Stan’s job entails using conceptual designs of electronic circuits to create functional circuit boards. He creates formal schematics, orders parts and assembles and/or outsources the production of the circuit boards.

Although the days of mocking up circuit board designs by hand are long gone, Stan works independently on a computer and continues to reaffirm his commitment to his craft through his daily work. He works collaboratively with students, faculty, physicists and machine shop workers. On any given day he can be found helping students and faculty with their projects and prototypes, sending electronic panels to the machine shop to be machined or assisting with experiments. He comments, “I enjoy working here because of the variety of jobs that keep me learning new things. I also like building the detector readout electronics for particle accelerators around the world, which fuels innovation from new-found knowledge.”
In 2005, Stan was honored for his commitment to his work and the University’s mission when he became a recipient of the President’s Achievement Award. Daniel Marlow, professor and former chair of the Department of Physics, wrote, “Stan understands well the twin missions of the University, namely research and teaching…he knows the importance of doing what is best for the research effort.” His nomination asserted that Stan is an especially valuable teacher to many students. Instead of taking a student’s project and completing it himself, as he can so ably do, he instead takes the time to teach the students how to complete the project. Marlow continued, “This often requires more of Stan’s time than simply doing the job on his own would, but he intuitively grasps that in the larger scheme the knowledge gained by the student justifies doing things the hard way in the short run.”
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