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Teaching Opportunities

Some graduate students are interested in opportunities to teach other than, or in addition to, an appointment as an Assistant in Instruction. As a service, the McGraw Center compiles a list of such opportunities. The McGraw Center employs experienced graduate students as instructors in a number of programs. Instructors receive compensation for their work and also gain an additional level of pedagogical insight through their training in the design and delivery of instruction to others.

The Writing Program

Post-enrolled graduate students are eligible for lectureships in the Princeton Writing Program. Graduate student lecturers teach one topic-based writing seminar per term and participate in an intensive faculty development program, which includes meetings and workshops on seminar design and writing pedagogy. This half-time teaching appointment is paid at the current salary for lecturers without the Ph.D. and includes benefits. For information about how and when to apply, contact the program assistant at For more information about the Princeton Writing Program, visit


The McGraw Center and the Teacher Preparation Program jointly sponsor this program, which enables graduate students to present lessons in the K-12 schools. Interested students submit a written description of the lesson they are prepared to give and the age-level for which it is appropriate. They receive training from experienced area teachers. Local school districts receive a "catalogue" of the lessons proposed and contact presenters directly. The schools pay a modest honorarium for the presentation. For further information, contact the the Teacher Preparation Program at 8-3336.

Teaching and Academic Support for Prisoners

Petey Greene Prisoner Assistance Program

The Petey Green Prisoner Assistance Program is a prison teaching program associated with the PACE Center in which undergraduate and graduate volunteers help incarcerated young people learn basic academic skills. Volunteers also learn about life in prisons. Visit or contact the PACE Center.

The Prison Teaching Initiative

This new program related to the PACE Center offers courses for college-credit that are designed and taught by volunteer teams that may include faculty, graduate students and undergraduates. Lead instructors must have an MA in the subject. The program currently offers math and English courses at nearby correctional facilities and volunteers receive training and support. For more information visit or contact Andrew Nurkin at

Office of Information Technology

OIT trains and employs graduate students to offer training to faculty members in the use of the Blackboard course management system. Training is offered one-on-one in faculty members' offices. More information may be found at the Academic Services of OIT at


Additional Teaching Opportunities?

Do you know of other teaching opportunities for Princeton graduate students that we might include here? Please let us know at