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McGraw Teaching Seminar

CTL 501: Scholarly Approaches to Teaching and Learning

McGraw’s popular teaching seminar, formerly known as the Teagle Seminar, has now become an official part of the curriculum, and interested graduate students can register for the course as CTL 501.

This 12-week course is open to graduate students from all disciplines who have taught (or will teach during the seminar semester) at Princeton. The course engages participants in critical discussions of current scholarship in the fields of learning and pedagogy, with opportunities to apply new pedagogical approaches in their own teaching practice. Participants will refine their understanding of teaching as they reflect meaningfully on the approaches and critical skills gained in their own disciplines as part of a liberal arts education.

In Fall 2016, seminar meetings are scheduled for Friday mornings, 9:30 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.

Course Objectives

  1. Through reading and seminar discussions, participants in the seminar will engage with current research and debates on teaching and learning.
  2. Participants will assess how pedagogical literature can inform the goals and strategies for effective teaching in their disciplines in ways that enhance their students’ learning.
  3. Participants will expand and refine their own language for analyzing and reflecting on their teaching practices and their students’ learning, particularly through the lens of inclusive teaching.
  4. Participants will generate focused course goals, create a syllabus, plan assignments, exams, and assessments and consider how new digital and online tools can enhance learning.


By the end of the seminar, graduate students will produce:

  • a syllabus for a new course, including an assessment plan that focuses specifically on student learning outcomes; and
  • a statement of teaching philosophy.

For more information, email Sarah L. SchwarzAssociate Director, McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning

Call for Applications 2016