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What is "New Media"?

The New Media Center started as  a member of the New Media Consortium, an international, not-for-profit affiliation of learning-focused organizations, dedicated to helping institutions of higher education enhance teaching through the use of new media and new technologies.

According to the New Media Consortium, the term “new media” can be described as “new technology, such as DVD, haptics, streaming video, wireless transmission, and Internet 2… new uses for existing technologies, such as digital libraries, interactive story telling, and distance learning.”

A popular misconception is that we are a "new" media center, so many ask if there was an “old” media center. Actually, we are a center for new media (Wikipedia link).

Our Services

The New Media Center offers one-on-one assistance and training in hardware and software. We provide one to two hour training for small classes (under 30 students) in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Final Cut Pro. We also provide limited quantities of blank DVDs and CDs. Color printing is available for academic/research purposes only. 

The New Media Center will digitize analog materials free of charge for use in current / upcoming courses and for research purposes upon request by a faculty member. Contact or drop by the NMC to learn more.

We also offer Roxen assistance. Please write to or call 258-6009 to make an appointment.