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Daniel Sigman

  • Geosciences
Position: PEI Faculty/Associated Faculty
Title(s): Dusenbury Professor of Geological and Geophysical Sciences. Professor of Geosciences.
  • Carbon Mitigation
  • Climate Science and Modeling
  • Earth History
  • Environmental - Chemistry
  • Grand Challenges
  • Grand Challenges - Climate & Energy
  • Oceanography
Office: M52 Guyot Hall
Phone: 609-258-2194
Daniel Sigman

Research Interests

Biogeochemistry of the modern and ancient environment, with a focus on the ocean; the interaction of biogeochemistry and the global carbon cycle with climate change, especially over ice age cycles; method development in isotope geochemistry.

PEI Research/Program Affiliations

  • Grand Challenges Faculty
  • Lead Project PI, Carbon Mitigation Iniative
  • Participating Faculty, Center for Biocomplexity
  • Investigator, Cooperative Institute for Climate Science


  • GEO/ENV 102 A/B: Climate: Past, Present and Future
  • GEO/ENV 362: Biogeochemistry of the Ocean and Atmosphere
  • GEO 535: Biogeochemical Cycles in Earth History: Isotope Geochemistry of the Biologically Important Elements

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