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Princeton Class of 1976

Green Business Plan Competition: Appendix 1

Criteria and Related Factors

  1. A clear strategy and well-defined, measurable objectives for environmental benefit
    • Environmental problem or opportunity clearly defined
    • Effective, coherent, innovative strategy and metrics for success
    • Benefits to and impacts on community identified.
  2. Financial sustainability of project 
    • Market Analysis
      • Product/service – need, opportunity, size, cooperative/competitive landscape, user acceptance, promotion, distribution, pricing
    • Economics and budget
      • Operating budget 
      • Capital (bricks and mortar) needs
      • Projections for sustainability, cash flow
    • Funding Sources
      • Realistic and adequate sources are identified
      • Organizational or legal structure 
  3. Capacity to meet operational and organizational requirements of projects
    • Production and Operations
      • Operational, logistical and technical aspects of strategy addressed
    • Human resources 
      • Management 
      • Labor
      • Key partners, institutional relationships and outside sources of support (including non-financial)
  4. Effective and convincing proposal (and presentation)
    • Logical, understandable and clearly articulated
    • Presenters prepared and confident
    • Questions handled well