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Spirit of Service '76

Sponsored by Princeton Class of 1976

Spirit of Service '76 (SOS '76) is the award winning community service initiative sponsored by the Princeton University Class of '76. Illa Brown '76 and Mimi Murley '76 founded the program over five years ago. Since its inception, SOS '76 has involved 200 classmates as donors, volunteers, or both, and raised over $70,000. It has evolved from a colloquium in 2006 on "Passion to Profession: Bringing Service to the Nation and the World," to sponsoring a fellow in the New Orleans Health Department, to its latest form as an Environmental Initiative.

The environmental endeavor has three components: a Speaker Series showcasing members of the Class of '76 who are dedicated to environmental causes; The Class of '76 Green Business Plan Competition; and educational activities in environmental and social entrepreneurship.

In order to achieve greater impact, SOS '76 is partnering with the Princeton Environmental Institute, the Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education, the Pace Center for Civic Engagement, and the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club.

The Class of '76 was honored to receive the 2010 Princeton University Alumni Council Award for Community Service for Spirit of Service '76. The initiative was cited for innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

Princeton Environmental Institute

Princeton Environmental Institute is the interdisciplinary center of environmental research, education, and outreach at Princeton University. Through the active participation of 90 faculty from 25 academic disciplines, PEI is advancing knowledge and developing the next generation of leadership by providing outstanding academic programs and opportunities for advanced scholarship and civic engagement.

PEI operates multiple high-profile research centers that address the scientific, technical, and policy dimensions of environmental challenges with particular expertise in global change, energy technology, biodiversity, resource conservation, infectious disease, and sustainable development. PEI engages 400 undergraduate students annually in the certificate Program in Environmental Studies and as part of a robust program of international research fellowships and independent field projects. At the graduate level, PEI offers competitive opportunities including the PEI-STEP Program and the Princeton Energy and Climate Scholars group.

Since 2007, PEI’s Grand Challenges Program has involved more than 800 members of the academic community including faculty, researchers, Ph.D. candidates, and undergraduates in projects aimed at developing solutions for historically intractable environmental problems.

Throughout the year, PEI organizes multiple forums for dialogue on environmental topics including conferences, symposia, lecture series, forums, and other events.