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Archive – July 2011

Animal species all follow the same rule for how common they are in an ecosystem, scientists have discovered. And the rule is simple.
As a research scientist for the U.S. Forest Service’s Northern Research Station, Lindsay Campbell ’02 is developing, supporting, and promoting sustainability initiatives in New York City.
Oppenheimer defines CO2, methane, and infrared radiation and how they contribute to global warming.
After digging holes in the Earth's crust for nearly two decades, Princeton University geoscientist Tullis Onstott is now making headlines for unearthing "worms from hell."
PEI has awarded three PEI-STEP Environmental Policy Fellows, Dan Li, Joe Majkut, and Matthew Reid, with the Graduate Certificate in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP).
Have Chinese Coal Plants Been Keeping Global Warming in Check? It all sounds logical, and, says Hiram Levy,"the idea is physically sound." But he's not convinced that this is what's really happening.