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Archive – November 2011

The first climate study to focus on variations in daily weather conditions has found that day-to-day weather has grown increasingly erratic and extreme, with significant fluctuations in sunshine and rainfall affecting more than a third of the planet.
In an irony of nature, invasive species can become essential to the very ecosystems threatened by their presence, according to a recent discovery that could change how scientists and governments approach the restoration of natural spaces.
California's air pollution problems are well-known to many Americans. Photos and stories about smog in Los Angeles, for example, have been in the news for years.
About 20 percent of graduating seniors in 2011 participated in the Princeton Environmental Institute's undergraduate program during their four years at Princeton, pursuing certificates, coursework, internships and independent research.
Students in the seminar "Global Environmental Change: Science, Technology and Policy" are examining the issue of climate and sustainability through the lens of many disciplines.
Princeton researchers reported in Science that tropical savanna wildfires combined with climate conditions maintain the border between savannas and forests.