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PEI Newsletter Archives: 2005

Fall 2005

PEI Fall Newsletter
  • Princeton Students Spend Summer Conducting Research in Bermuda
  • PEI Outreach Programs Increased in 2005
  • Hawkins Champions Smart Growth as Head of NJ Future
  • Alumni Chat: Christopher Kim '95
  • Five Students Tapped for Awards at PEI's 2005 Class Day Celebration

Spring 2005

PEI Spring Newsletter
  • Marburger Urges Scientists to Study Federal Budget Process and Lobby for Appropriations
  • CMI Researchers Dig Deep in Wyoming for Answers
  • Macelwane Winner Sigman Believes History Yields Clues to Environmental Changes
  • 2004 Colvin Awards Fund Field Research in Kenya and China
  • Alumni Chat: Rajini Ramakrishnan '95 Environmental Engineer for the U.S. EPA
  • Morris K. Udall Scholarship Award Winners
  • PEI Faculty Awards

Winter 2005

PEI Winter Newsletter
  • BP Chief Calls for Business Role in Facing Environmental Challenges
  • PEI Researchers Insert a Wedge into the Climate Debate
  • PEI Founding Director Simon Levin Recounts PEI's First Decade
  • PEI Celebrates its 10th with Faculty Seminars
  • Alumni Chat: Constance de Brun '00
  • PEI Faculty Awards