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Kevin Silmore and Zachary Schiffer, both of the Chemical and Biological Engineering department, were awarded PRISM’s highest undergraduate honor, the “Outstanding Materials Student Award”. This award recognizes the combined excellence in academics, research, and dedication to materials science.

Kevin’s senior thesis entitled “Surface Tension of Chain Molecules: Molecular Simulations and Theory” is on the effects of chain length on the liquid-vapor surface

Michael Wang, from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department, is the recipient of the Outstanding Leadership in Materials Award. Michael has been a tireless leader of the Princeton Materials Research Society where he served as President for two years. He has helped spearhead a number of successful activities, such as the blacksmith event, open houses, and study breaks, and have made many contributions to the Materials Science and Engineering community on campus. In addition to his de

On May 30, 2016, seventeen students graduated from the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Program. The 2016 MSE class included students from Chemistry, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The future plans of the students range from graduate school at MIT, Stanford, UMichigan and UCLA to working at PSEG and Vorbeck Materials.