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PRISM names Beatrice Soh winner of the Outstanding Materials Student Award

Beatrice Soh, of Chemical and Biological Engineering, was awarded the "Outstanding Materials Student Award". This is the institute's highest honor which we bestow on our graduating seniors and recognizes combined excellence in academics, research, and dedication to materials science.

Beatrice is an exceptionally strong student who not only excels academically but she is a dedicated and productive young scholar who has made substantial contributions to her scientific discipline. Her senior thesis titled "Wetting and Drying of Fibers" was advised by Prof. Howard Stone of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. Prof. Stone writes "Beatrice's senior thesis is magnificient and beautifully written and includes significant original research from Beatrice's initiative, going well beyond what is currently in the scientific literature." After graduation, Beatrice will be continuing her scientific research at the ASTAR research organization in Singapore, and plans to apply to graduate school in Chemical Engineering in the Fall 2015. Given her extraordinary performance over the past four years, we are honored to present this award to Beatrice.