Princeton University  

BACCH Demos for the Jambox

A striking demo of the capabilities of BACCH™ Filters can be made by playing the following (BACCH-filtered) tracks though Jawbone's Jambox, a very compact portable bluetooth-connected unit of speakers that works with any computer or iPod.

is a binaural recording recoded by Professor Choueiri during a recording session with the Chesky Records label. It was recorded with a Neumann Ku-100 dummy head. Simply download the tracks to your iPod or computer and play them through a Jambox, holding the unit at arm's length.

The following track is the same as the previous one except that the BACCH filter was turned On or Off every 5 seconds to allow for an A/B comparison. It will be obvious when the filter is off; the image will collapse into the Jambox.

Note: The above tracks were processed through a BACCH filter designed specifically for the Jambox. When played through other speakers the 3D image will be compromised.