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1. Pure Stereo 3D Audio

Pure Stereo is a recent breakthrough in audio technology (licensed by Princeton University) that yields unprecedented spatial realism in loudspeakers-based audio playback allowing the listener to hear, through only two loudspeakers, a truly 3D reproduction of a recorded soundfield with uncanny accuracy and detail, and with a level of high tonal and spatial fidelity that is simply unapproachable by even the most expensive and advanced existing high-end audio systems.

This is the (PDF) paper version of the 20 Questions and Answers, which are posted online at this webpage.


2. BACCH Filters: Optimized Crosstalk Cancellation for 3D Audio over two loudpseakers

BACCH Filters are optimized crosstalk cancellation filters that allow 3D audio reproduction over loudspeakers. They yield maximum crosstalk cancellation level without introducing any spectral coloration to the input signal. An introduction to BACCH filters can be found here.

BACCH filters are at the heart of Pure Stereo and other emerging technologies from the 3D3A Lab.

This highly technical paper describes most of the basic aspects of BACCH filters (some aspects are not published for propriety reasons).