Princeton University  


BACCH 3D Sound


A Revolutionary Technology for Audiophile-Grade 3D Audio


An Introduction through 20 Questions and Answers


BACCH3D Sound (also previously called "Pure Stereo 3D Audio" or "Pure Stereo") is a recent breakthrough in audio technology (licensed by Princeton University) that yields unprecedented spatial realism in loudspeakers-based audio playback allowing the listener to hear, through only two loudspeakers, a truly 3D reproduction of a recorded soundfield with uncanny accuracy and detail, and with a level of high tonal and spatial fidelity that is simply unapproachable by even the most expensive and advanced existing high-end audio systems. Learn more about BACCH3D Sound through the following 20 Questions and Answers:

(A PDF version of these 20 Q&A can be downloaded from here.)

1 What is BACCH3D Sound?
2 How Does BACCH3D Sound differ from surround sound?
3 Does BACCH3D Sound meet the highest audiophile standards?
4 How can I add BACCH3D Sound to my Hi-Fi system?
5 Does BACCH3D Sound require special loudspeakers?
6 Does BACCH3D Sound require special room treatment?
7 Does BACCH3D Sound require sitting in a sweet spot?
8 Does BACCH3D Sound require special positioning of the loudspeakers?
9 What does P BACCH3D Sound require from a hi-fi system?
10 How does BACCH3D Sound work?
11 What are customized and universal BACCH Filters?
12 Is BACCH3D Soundcompatible with existing stereo recordings?
13 Is the 3D realism of BACCH3D Sound the same with all types of stereo recordings?
14 Is BACCH3D Sound compatible with analog audio?
15 Why is BACCH3D Sound sometimes called this “Pure Stereo”?
16 I have heard of binaural audio and crosstalk cancellation. Are they related to BACCH3D Sound?
17 How does BACCH3D Sound differ from Ambiophonics?
18 How does BACCH3D Soundo differ from other 3D audio techniques?
19 How does BACCH3D Sound correct problems in audio playback?
20 Can BACCH3D Sound be experienced without the the BACCH-SP Processor?