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5 Does BACCH™ 3D Sound require special loudspeakers?

BACCH™ 3D Sound will greatly enhance the spatial fidelity of sound reproduction through any loudspeakers. Loudspeakers that have high sound directivity6 will give the best and most accurate 3D imaging in a room with little or no sound treatment, as room reflections, which degrade the imaging, are minimized by such loudspeakers.

However, even loudspeakers with low directivity (i.e. omni-directional loudspeakers) will give a spectacularly wide soundstage with BACCH™ 3D Sound in a typical listening room. With increasing loudspeaker directivity the image’s depth and 3D imaging approach the depth and spatial characteristics of the original soundfield.

An ongoing investigation of speakers directivity at the 3D3A Lab, has shown that dipole speaker designs, electrostatic speakers, as well as speakers with horns and waveguides offer significant advantages in 3D imaging with BACCH™ 3D Sound as they reduce the ratio of reflected to direct sound.