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3D3A Lab at Princeton University
Princeton University  

The 3D Audio and Applied Acoustics (3D3A) Laboratory at Princeton University

The 3D3A Lab was founded in 2008 by Professor Edgar Choueiri with a research grant he obtained from the Shostack Foundation to study fundamental aspects of spatial hearing in humans. The laboratory became operational in early 2009 and was completed later that year with the addition of an instrumented anechoic chamber.

The scope of research encompasses such related topics as spatial hearing, auralization, 3D audio, binaural audio through speakers, crosstalk cancellation, and advanced hearing aids.

Introduction to 3D Audio with Professor Choueiri

(A Video with Animations and Demos)

This video was produced by Princeton University and released on November 9, 2010
(Filmmaker: Mike Wood)

Note: If you are using a recent Apple MacBook to view this video you may not be able to hear the 3D demos in this video in 3D due to a known problem in the MacBook design (related to the location of the internal "woofer") that creates a strong Left-Right imbalance in the audio, which could not be compensated for while creating the 3D audio for this video.