Awards and Distinctions

1. The Best Engineering Physics Independent Work Award

Will be awarded yearly to the a junior or senior EP student whose independent work or thesis is deemed most outstanding by the EP faculty. To qualify, the independent work must have a significant physics content (if the student is an engineer), or engineering content (if the student is a physicist); the work must be nominated by the student's advisor by sending an e-mail message to the Program's director and describing the outstanding engineering physics value of the work. A copy of the final report or thesis, in PDF format, should also be e-mailed to the director by the student or advisor by noon on May 17.

The award will be announced at the end of each academic year and carries a monetary value of $500.00.

2. The Young EP Scholar Travel Award

Will be awarded to cover travel expenses of a junior or senior EP student whose work is deemed worthy of presentation at a national or international conference or symposium. To qualify, a request from the student's project advisor must be sent by e-mail to the Program's director. The request must include a PDF of a late draft of the paper, the title and location of the conference and a brief evaluation of the quality of the work and the contribution of the student if he or she is not the main author.

Two EP Scholar Travel Awards, of $500.00 each, are available each academic year and will be awarded on a first-come basis after evaluation by the EP faculty. Applications are accepted any time during the academic year.