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Universal College Application FAQs

You accept either the Common Application or the Universal College Application. Is a student advantaged by using one application over the other?

We view the two applications as equivalent and treat them equally. Please feel free to submit whichever application you prefer.

Are the application fees the same for the Common Application and the Universal College Application?

Yes, the fee to apply to Princeton University is $65 using either application. We also offer a variety of fee waiver options for students through either application.

What are my payment options?

You may pay for the Common Application or Universal College Application online with a credit card. If you are having trouble paying online, you may instead send a check or money order to the Princeton University Undergraduate Admission Office.  
Are the deadlines the same for both applications?

Yes, the deadlines for both applications are Nov. 1 for single-choice early action and Jan. 1 for regular decision.

Are the applications read differently by the admission office?

No, the Universal College Application and the Common Application are reviewed in the same way, using a holistic review process.

The questions on the Common Application and Universal College Application are slightly different. Does that matter?

No, the essential elements we require are covered by both applications. Applicants are not at an advantage or disadvantage based on the application they choose.

The Universal College Application can be submitted online or as a paper copy. Which do you prefer?

Electronic submission of the Universal College Application may be more convenient for many students. We know, however, that for some students submitting applications electronically is a hardship. We therefore give exactly the same treatment and consideration to applications, whether they are submitted electronically or by paper. In other words, there is no disadvantage to applying using the paper version of the Universal College Application.