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Princeton University Undergraduate Admission

Affordability FAQs

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Our Financial Aid Principles

When awarding aid, we are guided by the following principles:

1. Admission is need blind for all applicants, including international students.
Need blind admission means that applying for aid is not in any way a disadvantage in the admission process, ensuring equality of opportunity for low- and middle- income students.  Indeed, Princeton welcomes applicants from all economic backgrounds.

Princeton financial aid is awarded solely based on need; there are no merit scholarships.
We consider an applicant's talents and achievements only in relation to admission. Academic and athletic merits are not considered when awarding aid.

Need is determined through a careful review of each family's individual financial circumstances.
Personal attention is given to every admitted student's aid application. We also take into account special circumstances, and use experience and judgment in determining aid awards.
4. The full need of every admitted student is met through grants and a campus job.
No student is required to take a loan to meet Princeton's costs. Grants and scholarships make up 95 percent of a typical freshman aid award, with the remaining 5 percent provided through a campus job.