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Princeton University Undergraduate Admission

Affordability FAQs

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The Financial Aid Package

Princeton’s financial aid packages include the following kinds of aid.

  • Grant funds: Need-based grants (which are the same as scholarships or "gift aid") are awarded to students from a variety of sources, including University endowments, annual gifts and federal and state programs.  
  • Campus employment: Students are offered part-time campus jobs as part of the financial aid award.
  • External scholarships: Students may receive funding from sources outside Princeton, such as the National Merit or local community scholarships. Students apply for these awards separately from their Princeton financial aid application. Outside awards are used first to reduce the student earnings portion of the aid package — the campus job and summer savings expectations. Funds left over can be put toward the cost of a personal computer, and any remaining awards will be applied to Princeton grants.


Try Princeton's financial aid estimator to see what type of package you might receive.