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Princeton University Undergraduate Admission

Affordability FAQs

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The Difference at Princeton

The last 10 years have been a time of exceptional change at Princeton. Enhancements to our aid program have strengthened Princeton’s core value of equality of opportunity. Combined with many other efforts across the University, the aid program is helping to broaden and enrich the student community. The result is a more economically diverse campus. 

While concern over rising college costs has been in the news recently, less has been said about the efforts many colleges are making to actually improve affordability. Since 2000-01, the average need-based grant provided by our aid program has increased by 115 percent, more than doubling. In contrast, tuition has increased 58 percent during the same period.

Students from a very broad range of economic backgrounds are represented in the Class of 2017.  Lower- and middle-income students have enrolled in greater numbers with the help of Princeton's world-class aid program, which provides generous aid packages without requiring a student loan.  Our groundbreaking no-loan policy makes it possible to graduate with little or no debt, which in turn gives students the freedom to pursue postgraduate opportunities without the burden of loan repayments.

We hope you'll take a closer look at Princeton, no matter what your financial circumstances.  You may be surprised to find that Princeton is among your most affordable college options once financial aid is taken into consideration.