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Paul Muldoon

Paul Muldoon

The Lewis Center for the Arts, Creative Writing

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The Princeton Experience

Six students describe the Princeton experiences that they found most meaningful, including opportunities for learning, growth, leadership and service.

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In this first installment of the "Conversation With..." series, Dean Rapelye shares information about Princeton and the admissions process.
Dean Rapelye responds to students who asked what makes a good college essay, the importance of different parts of the college application, the importance of standardized tests, and whether there are opportunities to explore wide and varied academic interests at Princeton.
Dean Rapelye responds to students who asked about the arts at Princeton,  scholarships and financial aid, and social life and extracurricular activities on campus.
Three Professors
Julian Zelizer, Emily A. Carter and Jeff Nunokawa discuss researching and living among students at Princeton.
Three Students
Jacinth Greywoode, Carmina Mancenon and Katrina Hacker discuss life and academics at Princeton.
Jacinth Greywoode
Jacinth Greywoode discusses switching from majors from psychology to music and composing a mass for his senior thesis.
Julian Zelizer
Julian Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs, discusses studying the history of politics to help guide contemporary conversations.
Carmina Mancenon
Carmina Mancenon discusses residential college life, the Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering and her Princeton Environmental Institute internship studying infant mortality rates at a South Africa hospital.
Emily A. Carter
Emily A. Carter, the Andlinger Professor in Energy and the Environment and director of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, discusses opportunities for undergraduate research in electricity storage and renewable biofuels.
Jeff Nunokawa
Jeff Nunokawa, professor of English and master of Rockefeller College, discusses conversations with students at chalkboards and dinner tables.
Katrina Hacker
Katrina Hacker discusses competing in international ice skating competitions, planning a Special Olympics skating program and studying history.
'Welcome to My Dorm!'
Four Princeton students give an insider's tour of their dorms.
The HUM Sequence
Students share their experiences in Humanistic Studies 216-219, a team-taught double-credit supercourse that examines Western history, philosophy, literature, religion, and art from antiquity to the 20th century.
Between solids and fluids cool things happen
Howard A. Stone studies problems of engineering, physics and chemistry in the field of fluid mechanics. “Fluid mechanics is cool because it occurs everywhere around you,” Stone says.
Color Play: Princeton in Fall
Dancing and tumbling in the wind, a fall leaf gives color to the beauty of the Princeton University campus.
Welcome to Princeton's Residential Colleges
Students, college masters and staff members describe the importance of life in Princeton's residential colleges.
Moving: Poetry at Princeton
Poets from Princeton University talk about poetry and read their work.
Weapons of Mass Construction
Princeton student-athletes participate in a day of service in conjunction with the Princeton Varsity Club and Isles Inc.
Grand Challenges
Stephen Pacala, other faculty and students give an overview of the Grand Challenges Program at Princeton University.
Eating Clubs at Princeton
Princeton's 10 non-residential eating clubs are a significant part of social life for many undergraduate students. This video profile highlights the many services offered by the clubs.
Student Work: 'diSiac Presents
Student troupe diSiac Dance Co. continues to cross genres with its fall 2010 production, "Flux."
Creative Writing Professor Chang-rae Lee
Novelist Chang-rae Lee, director of Princeton's Program in Creative Writing, brings the meticulous nature of his writing style into the classroom.
The Princeton Experience
Six students describe the Princeton experiences that they found most meaningful, including opportunities for learning, growth, leadership and service.
Artistry in Motion
Capping off Black History Month this February are highlights from a showcase by students, faculty and alumni as part of the Coming Back & Moving Forward conference
This Is Princeton
The benefit event highlighted the rich arts culture on campus, with performances by University musicians, singers and dancers at Richardson Auditorium.
Student Work: 'It Gets Better'
Jacqueline ("Jack") Thornton '13 and fellow Princeton students created this video contribution for the "It Gets Better" video campaign to inspire hope for young people facing harassment for being who they are.
Earth's Last Frontier: The Atmosphere
Mark Zondlo and his team travel from pole to pole in a superfast research aircraft mapping Earth's atmosphere with a new laser-based sensor that measures water vapor.
Art of Science 2010
This year's "Art of Science" exhibition was launched with an original score by Miracles of Modern Science, an orchestral rock band composed of recent Princeton alumni.
Princeton: Discovery, Inspiration, Evolution
Undergraduates discuss what they have brought to the University community, and how they have changed since being on campus.
Student Work: Integrated Science
Christina Chang '12 documented her freshman year in Princeton's Integrated Science Curriculum, which breaks down traditional disciplinary barriers.
Camera Stabilization Senior Thesis
Zennen Clifton profiles a camera stabilization platform developed by engineering school classmates Taofik Kolade and Mike Wood for their senior thesis.
John Bonner's Slime Mold Movies
Biology Professor Emeritus John Bonner's microscope films show the curiously collective nature of slime molds.