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Apply for the Bridge Year

Princeton’s Bridge Year Program accepts applications from incoming freshmen who have accepted the university’s offer of admission. The application process is straightforward and free of cost; if you have questions, please contact us.  

Here’s how the application and selection process works.   

  • Confirm your intention to enroll at Princeton University. Prior to completing a Bridge Year Program application, accepted students must first confirm their intention to enroll at Princeton University.
  • Submit the Bridge Year application no later than May 13, 2009. An online application for the Bridge Year Program can be accessed via the Class of 2013 website.
  • Check your inbox. We will be alerting applicants of their status via e-mail. Decisions will be made by June 10, 2009.

In evaluating applications, we look for openness, maturity, flexibility, courage, resourcefulness, eagerness to be challenged and commitment to service abroad. Our goal is to select a wide range of students from the United States and abroad, representing a broad cross-section of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.