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Administrative Information Services

“A+ IS our goal”

Administrative Information Services (AIS) implements, maintains, and supports the University's administrative systems. The mission of AIS is to provide the best possible technical foundation upon which the University's automated business processes run. Services also include design, development, integration, testing, and deployment of administrative applications. Core competencies include PeopleSoft, Java, PowerBuilder, ReportNet, the Oracle relational database management system, MySQL, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and .NET.

AIS' goals are to

  • Deliver outstanding service by partnering with our customers to understand their business needs and initiatives.
  • Work openly, flexibly, cooperatively, and collaboratively within OIT and across the entire campus.
  • Play an active role in presenting alternatives and trade-offs to our customers, enabling them to make fully-informed systems decisions.
  • Proactively define, research, and recommend improvements that will add further value to Princeton’s administrative information systems investments.    
  • Open channels of communication with OIT (intra-University) and peer institutions (inter-University) to find touch-points and opportunities for collaboration and cooperation.
  • Strive for the best-qualified and most highly-motivated staff through targeted professional development and appropriate recognition.
  • Work diligently to manage costs wherever possible without sacrificing the level of service we deliver to our customers. 
  • Promote and uphold the OIT Core Values.

Visiting AIS

Administrative Information Services is located on the 2nd floor of 701 Carnegie Center