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Strategic Initiatives

  1. Create awareness and a clear understanding within the business user community, as well as within OIT, of the roles and responsibilities of the Person Office. 
  1. Work with business offices, AIS and SDP to plan and coordinate the integration of additional enterprise applications with OAM for appropriate level of enhanced authentication. Create a process and tools to effectively work with these stakeholders to assess their needs, the viability of the application to be integrated with OAM and the priority. 
  1. Plan and coordinate the creation of additional affiliation groups in OIM for provisioning and authentication purposes. Work with business offices, AIS and SDP as necessary. 
  1. Take on an advisory role in matters related to a person’s affiliation and their resulting access to Princeton technology resources. 
  1. Participate in policy discussions around single sign-on/sign-out. Liaison with business users, the university security officer, SDP, etc. 
  1. Assess the data stewardship for miscellaneous affiliates at the University and put in place appropriate processes to ensure effective stewardship. 
  1. Assess the opportunities to improve person-related data flow across University applications and work with stakeholders to make relevant improvements. 
  1. Proactively contribute to strategic initiatives from within other areas of the University that will impact person records. 
  1. Work with ‘outlier’ departments with unique person identity requirements (unique NetID etc.) on conforming to University-wide policies by demonstrating the benefits of doing so.