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Custom Development, Data Warehousing and Integration (CDI)

Mission statement

  • The CDI Group is led by Ted Bross, Associate Director of AIS, and consists of three sub-groups: Custom Application (CA), Data Warehousing and Integration (DWI), and Departmental Application Services (DAS).
  • The mission of CDI is to offer cohesive and married services to the Princeton Community in custom application development across technologies, business intelligence and information warehousing expertise, and reliable application production management.

Systems supported by the group

Each of the three sub-groups maintains a variety of different systems.

  • The CA group supports Java-based administrative applications which serve the administrative needs of the Princeton Community. The CA team utilizes the Java EE (Enterprise Edition) technology and Object Oriented design.
  • The DWI group supports the Princeton Information Warehouse, including the IBM/Cognos BI environment. (
  • The DAS group supports cPanel and dotNET.

Services Provided by the group

CDI's sub-groups provide the following services.

The CA group offers:

  • Custom administrative application development;
  • Technical troubleshooting on supported systems;
  • Architecting an enterprise-wide environment that enables quick responses to business process and technology changes;
  • Researching and applying emerging technologies as appropriate, in order to proactively provide strategic direction and evaluate alternatives with University customers

The DWI group offers:

Focused training for each data set represented in the Information Warehouse; technical consulting and troubleshooting on the Information Warehouse.

The DAS group offers:

Custom web application development; Technical consulting and troubleshooting on the systems we support.

CDI Support

Production support form:

Contacts for this group

Ted Bross (Associate Director AIS)

Suzanne Coletti (Manager DWI)

David Herrington (Manager DAS)

Emily Jeng (Manager CA)