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The Stripes database is the official Princeton repository for Alumni data. The Stripes application services the Office of Development in their prospect management, gift recording, and stewardship activities. The Alumni Council uses Stripes to provide Alumni directory services, track Alumni volunteers, and facilitate alumni participation in regional and class oriented activities. Requests for additional departmental use of Stripes data must be approved by the Office of Development.

How to gain access

Contact Stripes Security administrator:

Kathleen Haney
Development Information Systems

Technical Architecture

Stripes (sold by Sungard Higher Education under the product name Advance for Windows) is a Vendor Developed application augmented with Princeton specific modifications and extensions. It employs a 2-tier client/server architecture built using PowerBuilder  running against an Oracle database.  It has data interfaces with TigerNet, University Financials, Campus Community, Financial Aid, NCOA Eligibility, Digital Suitcase, and the Data Warehouse.

System Requirements

PC Client requirements

  • SungardHE Advance for Windows client for Oracle (PowerBuilder DLLs)
  • Oracle client software - 10g.
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista

System Availability

24/7 except during stated outages

Training Opprortunities

Contact: David Ritchie - Associate Director IT Support, Development Information Systems.



Online help attached to client software  



AIS PAC group will be available for system emergencies and continuing support.