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The Athletics NCAA Eligibility system automates many of the business processes necessary to ensure the University's and student athletes' compliance with NCAA regulations.

  • Every year, students fill out and submit compliance forms which cover eligibility issues such as amateur status, drug test consent, scholarships received, and past employment. Supporting data is received from the Financial Aid and Student systems.
  • Princeton compliance officers use the system to track form completion, follow up on potential eligibility violations, and enter academic performance information which is required for eligibility
  • The system track eligibility for all Athletics coaches and support staff.
  • Coaches use the system to manage their rosters and to know who is eligible to play on game days.
  • The Athletics business office uses the roster lists to manage travel and meal requirements
  • The Athletics trainers and Health Services use the system to track and notify students for their required physicals.
  • The Athletics administrators use the system to track awards such as varsity letters and life passes.
  • The Development office receives athletic participation information to further their fundraising activities.

Technical Architecture

Athletics NCAA Eligibility is a custom application developed in-house using Java EE technology.

System requirements

Browser based for users. SSH2 access for technical support.

Training opportunities

Athletics office informally trains their own people.


Available through the Athletics Office


Available through the Athletics Office