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Campus Card Transaction System

The Campus Card Transaction System (CCTS) allows University ID cardholders (TigerCard, TowerCard, and affiliate cards) to access meal plans, purchase goods and services using credit/debit accounts on and off campus. The current software solution is provided by the CBORD Group and uses the CS Gold and MICROS 9700 systems.
Technical Architecture
CBORD solution is set of commercial off the shelf applications (CS Gold, MICROS 9700 and ID Works by DataCard) with custom vendor developed elements built using Java, .NET and other tools that integrate with PeopleSoft, WordStock, RetailPro and C-Cure.

How to gain access
Departments desiring to use Paw Points as a method of tender should contact the TigerCard Office.  The TigerCard Office (TCO) will work with the department to find an equipment solution to best fit their needs. The TCO also will explain the service, support and fees associated with the use of the CCTS.
If you wish to have the CS Gold client software installed and a user created you will need to contact the TigerCard Office. You will need to provide the machine name and its static IP address. Your SCaD or DeSC staff will then be contacted to schedule the installation. Each department will have restricted access to only those areas of the application that are deemed necessary by the TigerCard Office.
System requirements
The CS Gold client software is certified to run on Windows XP or Vista operating systems. It is highly recommended that these machines be DeSC machines. The MICROS 9700 software is run via a terminal services server and requires a service account and RSA token.  The CS Gold software has not been certified to run on Windows 7 OS and cannot be supported at this time.
System availability
This is a financial transaction system and therefore is available 24/7 365 days a year.
Training opportunities
Training is done by the TigerCard Office and will be available upon request.
Available through the TigerCard Office and online after client software has been installed.
For all support issues please contact the Help Desk at 258-4357. The Help Desk will create a ticket and route it to the correct support area.