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Parking (T2 Flex)


T2 Flex is a parking and enforcement application used to manage access to the campus parking lots and structures.  T2 Flex manages vehicle and owner information by requiring faculty, staff, students, contractors and visitors to register their vehicles and obtain parking permits or daily booth passes.  Parking enforcement is provided by the Transportation and Parking Services Office as well as by the Department of Public Safety.  Vehicle registration, permit requests and payment of parking fines can be done online at the systems's e-Business site.

Technical Architecture

PowerPark Flex is a commercial off the shelf application with customized modules built using .NET that integrates with PeopleSoft.

Levels of access

Transportation & Parking Services Office and Department of Public Safety

Who should request access

Administrative personnel in the Transportation & Parking Services Office and the Department of Public Safety

System requirements

Must use I.E.7 or greater for application version 6.6 and higher in order to use query manager functions, Crystal Reports 2008 to create/modify reports.

System availability

24x7 except scheduled maintenance outages


Available upon request through the Transportation and Parking Services office


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