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Change Management (TechExcel)

ServiceWise is software purchased from the vendor TechExcel. It provides modules that are capable of designing work flow processes, helpdesk ticket monitoring, knowledge base, and asset management.
We currently employ three work projects: Migration Tracking which provides an audit trail of change requests and approvals as the changes move from development status into production; Job Tracking which allows users to request that a job be run by Production Control or AIS staff; Test Results Manager (TRM) which allows software support to announce software changes and receive feedback from the users who test the impact of the changes on their applications.
Technical Architecture
ServiceWise is a commercial off the shelf application built using Java and.NET with an interface with LDAP for authentication.
System Requirements
Users can run web client using IE7 and above or Fire Fox.
For administrators and specific users – We recommend that terminal services be used to run client applications locally.
System Availability
24/7 except for scheduled maintenance outages and a job to restart the ServiceWise services that runs around 6 am each morning for approximately 10 minutes.
Training Opportunities
Scheduled with CSG and AIS applicable programming group. Software Support handles training for TRM.
Available upon request
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