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Resource/Schedule 25


Resource/Schedule 25 is used by the University for Classroom, Final Exam, and University Events Scheduling. Resource/Schedule 25 allows the University to better schedule and manage its classroom stock and other campus-wide event venues. With respect to classrooms, Resource/Schedule 25 ensures that classes are scheduled in appropriate size rooms that meet the curricular needs of courses. Resource 25s Web Viewer is a public source of scheduled campus-wide academic and non-academic event information.

Technical Architecture

Resource/Schedule 25 is a commercial off the shelf application built using proprietary Uniface framework, 3rd party ActiveX controls, and open source technology, Java that integrates with PeopleSoft and the University Public Event Calendar.

System Requirements

Windows or Mac with Remote Desktop support, latest version of popular Web browsers such as IE and FireFox.

System Availabilty

24x7 except scheduled maintenance outages

Training Opportunities

Available through University Scheduling.


Available upon request.

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