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Salary Review system


The Salary Review system integrates with PeopleSoft HR to serves as a yearly salary increase analysis and data entry tool to our chairs and department managers (used for faculty and academic professionals).

Currently, along with data exports and imports from PeopleSoft HRMS, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty uses a Microsoft Access database to manage their yearly highly confidential Salary/ Reappointment/ Promotion review processes for faculty and academic professionals. As part of this process, we generate password protected macro-enabled Excel spreadsheets from our Access databases and deliver them to department chairs and managers through a secured website to aid their own analysis and recommendation process. Prior to the website we delivered these spreadsheets via floppy diskette and/or CD that departments had to pick up from our office. We have used Excel spreadsheets since 1998-99. Prior to the spreadsheets, paper forms were used.

Using spreadsheets for this highly important process has become increasingly problematic. We have reached a point where we feel we need to modernize our process. While we still feel there is much value gained in continuing to use our Access databases as an intermediary between PeopleSoft and for our customized internal processes and reporting, we would like to deliver a better, more globally acceptable, and improved substitute for the Excel spreadsheets. Specifically, we would like to get rid of the spreadsheets and provide a secured, web-based online utility instead. We believe this will provide a more efficient and easy-to-use tool for our chairs and managers--usable on either a Mac or PC browser, allowing easier access yet tighter control on where the data may be being saved, and ultimately far less conflict with software and security.

Technical Architecture

Salary Review is a custom application developed in-house using Java EE technology.

System requirements

SSH2 for access to the system. Browsers supported are: IE and Firefox

Training opportunities

As needed. Training is done by the Human Resources and Office of the Dean of the Faculty.


Available through the Human Resources and Office of the Dean of the Faculty.


Available through the Human Resources and Office of the Dean of the Faculty.