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This system allows the following student groups to apply for rooms in student housing.

  • Incoming graduate students
  • Returning graduate students
  • Returning undergraduate students
  • Graduate or undergraduate students requesting entry into wait list
  • Graduate or undergraduate students requesting room transfer. How to gain access All university undergraduate and graduate students have access through their LDAP netid. Incoming graduate students may request access via following link after they have been admitted to the Graduate School.

Technical Architecture

GISUR housing system is in house developed Java JSP and Servlet based application using open source such as Struts, DWR, iText, and SecurityFilter for the User Interface and authentication process. It interfaces with CS Housing and the Information Warehouse. It is used to allow students to apply for housing and roomdraw, to select rooms during roomdraw, and to view and sign housing contracts.

System requirements

System Availability 24/7 during period set by housing office each year, except during stated outages.


Online help


OIT helpdesk, Email:, AIS PAC group will be available for system emergencies and continuing support.