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Campus Receivables


The Campus Receivables system integrates with PeopleSoft Financials and Campus Communities to manage nine different receivable systems (Student Accounts, Mortgages, Princeton Parent Loans, Employee Parent Loans, Monthly Payment Plan, Unique Loans, Summer Room Rentals, Outside Loans, Outside Scholarships), with a Client Database, and an Internal Work Flow System.

Technical Architecture

Campus Receivables system is a custom application developed in-house using a client-server based Java Application.

Who should request access

Administrative personnel in the Treasures Office, specifically the Bursar or her/his designee.

System requirements

Windows / Unix. The system is a fat client / Java application

System availability

Not Available from 2:00 AM till 7:00 AM


P:\AIS CDI Prod MGT\Loans & Receivables\Production-Operational Support