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Princeton Monthly Payment Plan Online Application and Approval System


The parental on-line Monthly Payment Plan loan application and Approval System is a Custom In-House Developed application built using Java EE technology. By offering an on-line loan application process for the Monthly Payment Plan, we are providing a modern and convenient way for parents to apply while also greatly improving operating efficiencies by eliminating the manually data entry and the related financial/credit information.  In addition, we eliminated several costly mailings and introduced email reminders.  This system also includes the electronic presentment and recording of e-signatures for the loan acceptance documents allowing us to have full control over the compliance requirements associated with Truth in Lending “Regulation Z.”

Technical architecture

Princeton Monthly Payment Plan online Application and Approval System is a custom application developed in-house using Java EE technology that integrates with the Student Account system.

System requirements

Web Browser (IE, Firefox)

System availability

7 days a week, 24 hours per day. Exceptions include scheduled system maintenance.