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Princeton Assets and Equities System


The Assets and Equities System (A&E)  is a custom application developed in-house using Java EE technology that integrates with PeopleSoft Financials to supports the investment and endowment accounting activities of the University’s endowed and other invested funds, as well as the Charitable Gift Annuity Program.

The Universitys investment program, as currently managed by the Princeton University Investment Company (Princo), has exploded in terms of the size of the funds under management, the complexity and diversity of those investments, and the number of investment managers involved. Equities and fixed income investments now represent a minority share of the Princo portfolio; non-marketable investments (private equity and real assets) now comprise a significant portion of invested assets; foreign investments and currencies are now a standard part of the investment equation; and the number of investment managers has blossomed from a handful to several hundred, with each manager reporting investment information on a monthly basis. The assets under management comprise the single largest number on the Universitys annual audited financial statements.

The Universitys fund-raising activities have also increased dramatically over the last twenty years, the result of several capital campaigns as well as increased levels of giving in general, resulting in approximately 6,000 unique endowed and other invested funds to be tracked on a monthly basis by the A&E system.

Increased size and added complexity have been coupled with heightened expectations for information and increased pressures for compliance and transparency in reporting regarding the Universitys investments and endowment. Princo has responded to these factors by utilizing a packaged software solution (Private i) to manage part of its portfolio; the Office of Asset Administration, which oversees the functional operations of the A&E System, has recently partnered with Princo in utilizing this software. In addition, the Universitys custodial bank, Mellon Bank, has made a significant investment in a web-based reporting system (Workbench) which can be leveraged by its clients including Princeton.

All of the factors mentioned above size, complexity, timeliness of information, compliance, reporting, advanced technology partners point to the clear need for the University to take this opportunity to rewrite its current A&E System with the goals of both matching its new functionality with the demands of the Universitys current, and projected future, investment program and ensuring that it is built on a sound and supportable technology platform moving forward.

System requirements

SSH2 for access to the system. Browsers supported are: IE and Firefox

Training opportunities

As needed. Training is done by the Office of Asset Administration Documentation: Available through the Office of Asset Administration


By using the CDI Production Support Request form ( which will create a ticket automatically in the CDI-Prod-Spt-Incoming queue