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Student Activity Funding Engine (SAFE)


The SAFE application is a Custom In-House Developed application built using Java EE technology that provides the following features:

  •  To provide a clearinghouse or central resource for all undergraduate students, allowing single-point access to information about all funding offices of undergraduate student activities on and off campus.
  • To increase transparency and improve the efficiency of the funding process, allowing all funding offices to see how other funding offices are responding to a request, in real time (to allow all funding offices to know what other funding offices are contributing to a given project, eliminating possibilities for over-funding and allowing for better budgeting of available resources);
  • To allow funding offices and university administrators to track allocations to individual students, student groups, and categories of activities, by specific funding offices, over time (to allow for improved stewardship of university funds).
  • To embed the funding portal within a website that provides comprehensive information to students about regulations, procedures and resources for undergraduate student funding;
  • To build a system that allows students to post reports and receipts/travel expense reports online.

Technical Architecture

Java EE technology

Who should request access

Funding offices and funding departments. More information can be found on the system site:

System Requirements

Web enabled computers.

System Availability

24/7 except during production maintenance

Training Opportunities

You can sign up for classes at and click on the OIT Technology Training link on the left to see a listing of classes.


You can find the new system here: You can watch a video about the new system here.