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Executive Committee

M. Christine Boyer, School of Architecture
Margot Canaday, Department of History
Anne Cheng, Department of English and Center for African American Studies
Rachael DeLue
, Department of Art and Archaeology
Jill S. Dolan, Dept of English; Lewis Center for the Arts; and Study of Women and Gender
Yaacob Dweck, Department of History; Program in Judaic Studies
Paul Frymer, Department of Politics
Eddie Glaude, Department of Religion and Center for African American Studies
William Gleason, Department of English, Acting Chair
Carol Greenhouse, Department of Anthropology
Hendrik Hartog, Department of History, Chair of Committee
Brian E. Herrera, Lewis Center for the Arts
Alison Isenberg, Department of History
Stanley Katz, Woodrow Wilson School
Rosina A. Lozano, Department of History
Noriko Manabe, Department of Music
Lee Clark Mitchell, Department of English
Naomi Murakawa, Center for African American Studies
Imani Perry, Center for African American Studies
Sarah Rivett, Department of English
Gideon Rosen, Council of the Humanities and Department of Philosophy
Martha A. Sandweiss, Department of History
Kim Scheppele, Woodrow Wilson School
Paul E. Starr, Department of Sociology
Emily Thompson, Department of History
Marta Tienda, Woodrow Wilson School, Department of Sociology
Judith L. Weisenfeld, Department of Religion
Sean Wilentz, Department of History
Stacy Wolf, Lewis Center for the Arts

Sitting with the Committee:

Kathleen Crown, Humanities Council
Leslie Gerwin, Associate Director, Program in Law and Public Affairs
Karen Jackson-Weaver, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Diversity, Office of the Dean of the Graduate School
Clayton Marsh, Deputy Dean of the College