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2014 Holiday Party

Nick Williams, Judith Ferszt, Milena Hartog

Rachel Bowlby and Anne Cheng

Jesse Fleck and Dawn Wang

Anne, George IV, Anlin, and George V

Jenny Price with nephew, David

Cactus Karma providing live entertainment

2013 Holiday Party

Enjoying the food and entertainment

Caroline Reese and Mark Watter providing wonderful entertainment

Peter Angelica, Bee Keeler and Zachary Siegler

Judi Rivkin and Judith Ferszt

Roy Scranton and George Laufenberg

Josh Garrett-Davis, Richard Anderson, Emily Prifogle and Sara Marcus

2012 Holiday Party

Evening's entertainment
Dirk family
Dirk Hartog, Elisabeth Hartog, Nancy Hartog, Sarah Seo

Zachary Siegler, Jenna Rodriguez, Bee Keeler, Caitlin Lansing, Matt Frakes

Brian Herrera, Anne Cheng, Jill Dolan

Julia Hammer and David Binder

Charlotte Leib and Matt Frakes

Ellen Brueckner, Josh Garrett-Davis, Richard Anderson

2011 Holiday Party

AMS 2011 Holiday Party


Bill Gleason, Julia Bumke '13, Matthew Frakes '13, and Brandon Joseph '12

Elise Dubuque '13 and Judy Carnali '13

Alexandra Junn, Omar Carrillo, Eleanor Roberts, and Logan Coleman

Chuck Kessel and Judith Ferszt

Providing live entertainment are Keshav Singh, Eric Weiser, Noah Freedman, and Kevin Laskey

2010 Holiday Party

Judith Ferszt, Bruce Leslie, and Leslie Gerwin at the 2010 AMS Holiday Party

Craig Green and Sarah Seo at the 2010 AMS Holiday Party

Joel Newberger '14, Christina Henricks '13, Emily Rutherford '12, and Omar Carrillo '12 at the 2010 AMS Holiday Party

Chris Shannon, Jamie Kreiner, Ben Schmidt, Henry Cowles, and Dael Norwood at the 2010 AMS Holiday Party

Fall 2009 AMS 201 Instructors Emmanuel Raymundo and Bill Gleason at the AMS Holiday Party

Leslie Gerwin, Associate Director, LAPA, Judith Ferszt, Program Manager of American Studies, and Judi Rivkin, Events Manager, LAPA

Dirk Hartog, Anne Cheng, Nancy Hartog and Judith Ferszt at the 2009 American Studies Holiday Party

Kim Lane Scheppele delivered the 2009 University Constitution Day Lecture with comments by George Kateb and Deborah Pearlstein

Bob Gruen shares his experiences as a Rock and Roll Photographer

Anthony D'Amato and Rock and Roll Photographer Bob Gruen following his lecture on April 20, 2009

Architecture Professor Sarah Whiting and History Professor Emily Thompson, both members of the AMS Executive Committee, at the annual AMS Holiday Reception

Barbara Oberg delivering 2008 Constitution Day Lecture

Constitution Day lecture audience filled Dodd's Auditorium to the brim, leaving standing room only

Constitution Day Panelists (left to right): Stephen Macedo, Barbara Oberg, Hendrik Hartog, Christina Burnett, Sean Wilentz

Reception following Constitution Day lecture in Chancellor Green Rotunda

The Opportunity of Crisis Panel Discussion on February 29, 2008 celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Integration of the University of Alabama

March 25, 2008 Teaching Panel Participants: Ryan Hill, Dirk Hartog, David Haselkorn and John Webb

Anschutz Distinguished Fellow Nicholas Dawidoff with Creative Writing Professor C.K. Williams at the book party celebrating Dawidoff's latest book, The Crowd Sounds Happy

History Professor Sean Wilentz and Anschutz Fellow Nicholas Dawidoff share a celebratory moment at the joint book party celebrating the publication of their books, The Age of Reagan and The Crowd Sounds Happy

Publishing Workshop (left to right): AMS Program Director, Dirk Hartog, with publisher Dan Frank and writer Nicholas Dawidoff