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Student Advisory Council

Each fall, during the annual meeting of the Program, students elect representatives of each class to the Advisory Council.  Council members meet informally with the Program Director and serve in an advisory capacity.  Student input is welcome in all matters pertaining to the Program, including curriculum, procedures, and guest speakers.

The Student Advisory Council is responsible for planning and arranging social functions, when faculty and students from the various disciplines involved in the Program can gather informally. Members of the Council may be asked to attend the Majors Fair in the Fall or the Sophomore Open House in the Spring or to assist at Program-sponsored events, such as lectures and conferences. 

Class of 2016
Evan Kratzer
Abdiel Santiago
Leigh Anne Schriever
Tyler Starr
Molly Stoneman
Teri Tillman
Emily Tu

Totem poll in Ketchikan, Alaska