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Courses below satisfy the American Studies Program requirement for three (3) one‑term electives in the American field, pass‑fail not acceptable. The electives must be from three different departments or programs. None may be in the student's major department.

FALL 2015

African American Studies

210    The Study of African American Cultural Practices
245    The Harlem Renaissance and Black Arts Movements
274    Growing Up Global: Novels and Memoirs of Transnational Childhoods
301    Black to the Future: Science, Fiction, and Society
347    Art School at African American Studies: Process, Discourse, Infrastructure
350    Housing in the Metropolitan U.S.
353    African American Literature: Origins to 1910
428    Latino/a Performance


203    Economic Life in Cultural Context
360    Ethics in Context: Uses and Abuses of Deception and Disclosure
368    Ethnography of Schools and Schooling


401    Theories of Housing and Urbanism

Art and Archaeology

373    History of African American Art

Civil and Environmental Engineering

102 A,B  Engineering in the Modern World

Center for Human Values

310    Practical Ethics
390    The Ethics of Love and Sex

Computer Science

109    Computers in Our World


211    The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices
310    The Arts of Urban Transition


100    Introduction to Microeconomics
101    Introduction to Macroeconomics
324    Law and Economics
325    Organization and Design of Markets
326    Economics of the Internet
331    Economics of the Labor Market
341    Public Finance


210    Princeton University Reads
309    Graphic Novels and Comics
319    What Was African American Literature?
357    American Best Sellers
402    Introduction to U.S. Latina/o Literature

Environmental Studies

305    American Land Use and Environmental Policy

Gender and Sexuality Studies

337    Reproductive Politics in the United States and Abroad Since 1945
397    Media Representations of Feminism


361    The United States Since 1974
372    Revolutionary America
373    Democracy and Slavery in the New Nation
374    History of the American West
387    African American History from Reconstruction to the Present
483    Ideas and Institutions: Liberalism and Laissez-Faire


445    Investigative Journalism


265    History of Popular Music: Rock, R&B, and Hip-Hop


316    Social Philosophy
319    Normative Ethics
338    Philosophical Analysis from 1900-1950
384    Philosophy of Law


329    Policy Making in America
332    American Statesmanship and Symbolism
365    Democracy
403    Architecture and Democracy
416    Moral Conflicts in Public and Private Life
423    American Political Thought -- Reconstruction to the Present


252    Social Psychology
329    Psychology of Gender


261    Christian Ethics and Modern Society
270    The Bible in America


210    Urban Sociology
227    Race and Ethnicity
332    Sociology of Finance
346    Sociology of the Cubicle: Work, Technology, and Organization


310    The Musical Theatre of Stephen Sondheim

Urban Studies

202    Documentary Film and the City

Woodrow Wilson School

306    Environmental Economics
307    Public Economics
318    U.S. Military and National and International Diplomacy
354    Modern Genetics and Public Policy
370    Ethics and Public Policy