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Workshop in American Studies

The Workshop in American Studies brings together students and faculty from the wide range of departments that contribute to the Program in American Studies. By encouraging a diversity of topics from researchers from a variety of departments, we hope the Workshop highlights the advantages of the "in-between" disciplinary space that American Studies inhabits at Princeton. Our goal is to provide a forum where presenters can receive feedback from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives and participants can be exposed to new methodologies and new topics for research. Moreover, we hope to foster a community of advanced undergraduates, graduate students and faculty who share in the common project of researching the American experience.

The format of the workshop is that the speaker introduces the paper for ten minutes and then we open up the floor to questions.  Copies of the papers are made available outside the American Studies office, 42 McCosh Hall.

As lunch is provided at noon workshops, we require reservations.  Please contact the AMS Program office, 42 McCosh Hall, 258-4710, or email


Spring 2015

Monday, February 9, 102 Jones Hall, 12:00-1:20
Chi-ming Yang, Associate Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania
Lacquer, Ornament, and 18th-century Race Science
Cosponsored by the Department of English 

Monday, February 16, 210 Dickinson Hall, 12:00-1:20
Meg Jacobs, Research Scholar with the Woodrow Wilson School
Panic at the Pump: The Energy Crisis and American Politics in the 1970s
Cosponsored by the Modern America Workshop

Monday, February 23, 210 Dickinson Hall, 12:00-1:20
Matthew Karp, Assistant Professor of History
Visions of Modernity in the Proslavery Argument
Cosponsored by the Modern America Workshop

Monday, April 6, 102 Jones Hall, 12:00-1:20

Deirdre Moloney, Director of Fellowship Advising in the Office of the Dean of the College 
Mixed Status Families and US Immigration Policy from the Early Twentieth Century to the Present
Cosponsored by the Modern America Workshop and the Center for the Study of Migration in Sociology

Monday, April 20, 210 Dickinson Hall, 12:00-1:20
Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, Associate Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Sophia Rising: The Making of "Women's Wisdom" in American Thought, 1960s-80s
Cosponsored by the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies and the Council of the Humanities

Monday, April 27, 210 Dickinson Hall, 12:00-1:20
Rosina Lozano, Assistant Professor of History
The Spanish Soundscape of Territorial New Mexico
Cosponsored by the Program in Latino Studies