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Graduate Program


Denwood Holmes
The Independently Fortified Tower: An International Type in Ottoman Military Architecture, 1452-1462
Victoria Sears Goldman
The most beautiful Punchinelli in the world”: A comprehensive study of the Punchinello Drawings of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Susannah Rutherglen
Ornamental Paintings of the Venetian Renaissance
Giada Damen
The Trade in Antiquities between Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean (ca. 1400-1600)
Lisa Lee
Sculpture’s Condition | Conditions of Publicness: Isa Genzken and Thomas Hirschhorn
Patricia Blessing
Reframing the Lands of Rum: Architectural and Style in Eastern Anatolia, 1240-1320
Emma Ljung
From Indemnity to Integration: Economic Decline in Late Hellenistic Aitolia
Joanna Papayiannis
The Gynaikonitis: The (UN) Gendered Greek House
Caroline Fowler
Between the Heart and the Mind: Ways of Drawing in the Seventeenth Century
Sinead Kehoe
Pictures of Patriarchs: The Illustrated Life and Acts of Hōnen
Jessica Paga
Architectural Agency and the Construction of Athenian Democracy
Annie Bourneuf
The Visible and the Legible: Paul Klee, 1916-1923
Kate Nesin
Cy Twombly’s Things: Sculptures 1946 to the Present
Dora Ching
Icons of Rulership: Imperial Portraiture During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
Xiaojin Wu
Metamorphosis of Form and Meaning:Ink Bird-and-Flower Screens in Muromachi Japan
Robert Glass
Filarete at the Papal Court: Sculpture, Ceremony, and the Antique in Early Renaissance Rome
Anna Swartwood House
Singular Skill and Beauty : Antonello da Messina Between North and South
Chen Liu
Between Perception and Expression: The Codex Coner and the Genre of Architectural Sketchbooks
Matthew Milliner
The Virgin of the Passion: Development, Dissemination and Afterlife of a Byzantine Icon Type
Katherine Marsengill
Portraits and Icons: Between Reality and Holiness in Byzantium
Noriko Kotani
Studies in Jesuit Art in Japan
Sonja Kelley
Printmaking in Post-War Sichuan: Regional Art Development in the People’s Republic of China, 1949-1966
Robert Wolterstorff
Robert Adam and Essential Architecture: Minimal, Geometric, and Primitive Modes of Architectural Expression
Marina Mihaljevic
Constantinopolitan Architecture of the Komnenian Era (1080-1180) and its Impact in the Balkans
Eva Diaz
Chance and Design: Experimentation in Art at Black Mountain College
Noam Milgrom Elcott
Into the Dark Chamber: Avant-Garde Photograms and the Cinematic Imaginary
Daniel McReynolds
Refiguring the Palladian Legacy: Architectural Reform in Eighteenth-Century Venice
Julia Robinson
From Abstraction to Model: In the Event of George Brecht and the Conceptual Turn in the Art of the 1960s
Zehavi Husser
Worshipping in Community: Jupiter and Roman Religion in the Early Imperial Period
Michelle Foa
Georges Seurat: Picturing Perception
Francesca Leoni
The Revenge of Ahriman: Images of Divs in the Shahnam, ca. 1300-1600
Kevin Hatch
Looking for Bruce Connor, 1957-1967
Jelena Bogdanovic
Canopies: The Framing of Sacred Space in the Byzantine Ecclesiastical Tradition
Alessandra Ricci
Reinterpretation of the “Palace of Bryas”: A Study in Byzantine Architecture, History and Historiography
Marta Weiss
Dressed Up and Pasted Down: Stage Photography in the Victorian Album
Jay Jie Xu
The Sanxingdui Site: Art and Archaeology
Scott Allan
Gustave Moreau (1826-1898) and the AfterLife of French History Painting
Peter Barberie
Conventional Pictures: Charles Marville in the Bois de Boulogne
Kaira Cabañas
Toward a Performative Realism: Art in France 1957-1963
Nicola Camerlenghi
The Life of the Basilica of San Paolo fuori le Mura in Rome: Architectural Renovations from the Ninth to the Nineteenth Centuries.
Laura Coyle
The Still-Life Paintings of Vincent van Gogh and Their Context
Sarah Linford
Symbolism and the Third Republic: Tradition as Avant-Garde, 1871-1915
Kristoffer Neville
Nicodemus Tessin the Elder and German Artists in Sweden in the Age of the Thirty Years’ War.
Haicheng Wang
Writing and the State in Early China in Comparative Perspective.
Joshua Waterman
Intersections of Art and Literature of the Silesian Baroque: Studies on the Works of Matthias Rauchmiller, Daniel Casper von Lohenstein, Michael Willmann, and Johannes Scheffler (Angelus Silesius).
Hui-chun Yu
The Intersection of Past and Present: The Qianlong Emperor and His Ancient Bronzes.
Mary Frank
Donne Attempate: Women of a Certain Age in Sixteenth-Century Venetian Art
Ludovico Geymonat
The Parma Baptistery and Its Pictorial Program
Suzanne Hudson
Robert Ryman: Painting Pragmatism
Yumna Masarwa
From A Word of God to Archaeological Monuments: A Historical -Archaeological Study of the Umayyad Ribats of Palestine.”
Nikolas Bakirtzis
Hagios Ioannis Prodromos Monastery on Mount Menoikeion: Byzantine Monastic Practice, Sacred Topography, and Architecture.”
Kevin Carr
The Lives of Shotoku: Narrative Art and Ritual in Medieval Japan
Leong Foong
Monumental and Intimate Landscape by Guo Xi”.
Ingrid Furniss
Strings, Winds, and Drums in China During Eastern Zhou and Han(770 B.C.E.-220 A.D.): An Archaeological Perspective
Milette Gaifman
Beyond Mimesis in Greek Religious Art: Aniconism in the Archaic and Classical Periods
Carolyn Guile
According to the Polish Sky and Customs: Theories of Architecture and Art in Early Modern Poland
Heather Hole
America as Landscape: Marsden Hartley & New Mexico: 1918-1924
Kyriaki Karoglou
Attic Votive Plaques: A Study of their Iconography and Function
Hans Thomsen
The Visual Salon: Ito Jakuchu and the Rokuonji Temple Ensemble of 1759
Francesca Toffolo
Art and the Conventional Life in Renaissance Venice: The Monastery Church of Santa Caterina De'Sacchi
Nadja Aksamija
Between Humanism and the Counter-Reformation: Villa and Villeggiatura in Renaissance Ragusa
Lisa Hostetler
Photography and Everyday Life: The Case of Louis Faurer 1937-1955
Gordon Hughes
Resisting Abstraction: Cubism, Robert Delaunay, and the Crisis of Representation in Early Twentieth Century French Painting
Janice Katz
Collecting and Patronage of Art in 17th C Japan: The Maeda Daimyo
Jelena Trkulja
Aesthetics and Symbolism of Late Byanztine Church Facades, 1204-1453
Deborah Walberg
The Marian Miracle Paintings of Alessandro Varotari (il Padovanino, 1588-1649): Popular Piety and Painted Proslytizing in 17th C Venice
John Welch
Aristocratizing the Community: Roger Fenton and British Photography in the 1850's
Blake De Maria
The Merchants of Venice: A Study in Sixteenth-Century Cittadino Patronage
Yukio Lippit
The Birth of Japanese Painting History: Kano Artists, Authors, and Authenticators of the 17th C
Hui-Wen Lu
A New Imperial Style of Calligraphy Stone Engravings in Northern Wei Luoyang 494-534
Tine Meganck
Erudite Eyes. Artists and Antiquarians in the Circle of Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598)
John Napoli
Fashioning the Certosa Di San Martino: Ornament, Illusion, and Artist Collaboration in Early-Modern Naples
Leslie Reinhardt
Fabricated Images: Invented Dress in British and Colonial American Portraits
Emily Bakemeier
The Portraits Histories of Henri IV (1589-1610)
Kimberly Bowes
Possessing the Holy: Private Churches and Private Piety in Late Antiquity
Martin Kramer
Immaculate Skin, Admirable Machine Body and Representation in French Aesthetics, Science & Art, 1850-1900
Nora Laos
Provencal Baptisteries: Early Christian Origins and Medieval Afterlife
Heather Minor
Reforming Rome: Architecture and Culture, 1730-58
Mark Mitchell
The Artist-Makers: Professional Art Training in Mid 19thC New York City
Elizabeth Moodey
Illuminated Crusader Histories for Philip the Good of Burgundy (1419-1467)
Kevin Moore
Jacques-Henri Lartigue (1894-1986) Invention of An Artist
Anthony Barbieri-Low
The Organization of Imperial Workshops during the Hans Dynasty
Nicole Fabricand-Person
Filling the Void: The Fugen Jurasetsunyo Iconography in Japanese Buddhist Art
Andrew Hershberger
Cinema of Stills: Minor White's Theory of Sequential Photography
Paul Paret
The Crisis of Sculpture in Weimar Germany: Rudloph Belling, the Bauhaus, Naum Gabo
Joel Smith
New York Modernism and the Cityscapes of Alfred Stieglitz, 1927-1937
Glenda Swan
Meaning in Context: Continuous Narrative in Roman Painted Panels
Janet Temos
Augustus Glittering Spires: Thomas Archer and the 1711 London Church Commission
Jennifer Hardin
The Nude in the ERA of the New Movement in American Art: Thomas Eakins, Kenyon Cox, and Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Mimi Hellman
The Hotel De Soubise and the Rohan-Soubise Family: Architecture, Interior Decoration, and the Art of Ambition in 18th C France
Asen Kirin
The Rotunda of St. George & Late Antique Serdica: From Imperial Palace to Episocopal Complex
Shane McCausland
Zhao Mengfu (1254-1322) and the Revolution of Elite Culture in Mongol China
Melissa McCormick
Tosa Mitsunobu's Ko-E: Forms & Functions of Small-Format Handscrolls in the Muromachi Period (1333-1573)
Jennifer McIntire
Visions of Paradise: Sui and Tang Buddhist Pure Land Representations at Dunhuang
Andrew Sherwood
Roman Architectural Influence in Provincia Asia: Augustus to Severus Alexander
Madeleine Viljoen
Raphael into Print: The Movement of Ideas about the Antique in Engravings by Marcantonio Raimondi and His Shop
Michael Cole
Benvenuto Cellini and the Act of Sculpture
Laurie Dahlberg
Victor Regnault, Louis Robert, and Photography at the Manufacture Imperiale de Porcelaine de Sevres, 1845-1865
Randon Jerris
Alpine Sanctuaries: Topography, Architecture, and Decoration of Early Medieval Churches in the Bishopric of Chur
Chee-Yun Kwon
The Ten Kings at the Seikado Library
Andrew Shanken
From Total War to Total Living: American Architecture and The Culture of Planning 1939-194X
Joanne Spurza
A New Study of the Palazzo Imperiale at Ostia
Justin Wolff
Soldiers, Sharps and Shills: Richard Caton Woodville and Antebellum Genre Painting
Li-Chiang Lin
The Proliferation of Images: Ink-stick Designs & Printing of the Fang-Shih Mo-P'U and the C'heng-Shih Mo-Yuan
Barbara Lynn-Davis (Myers)
Landscapes of the Imagination in Renaissance Venice
Christina Maranci
Medieval Armenian Architecture: Josef Strygowski and His Legacy
Amy Papalexandrou
The Church of the Virgin of Skripou: Architecture, Sculpture & Inscriptions in 9th C Byzantium
Athanassios Papalexandrou
Warriors, Youths & Tripods: The Visual Poetics of Power in Geometric & Early Archaic Greece
Robert Weir
The Pythian Games in the Roman Imperial Period
Brian Curran
Ancient Egypt and Egyptian Antiquities in Italian Renaissance Art and Culture
Haim Goldfus
Tombs and Burials in Churches and Monasteries of Byzantine Palestine (324-628 A.D.)
Gregory Harwell
Aurea Condet Saecula Imperial Habsburg Medals from the Cornation of Frederick III (1452) until the Succession of Maxmillian I (1494): Art & Legitmacy between Feudalism & Absolutism
Gregory Levine
Jukoin: Art, Architecture and Mortuary Culture at a Japanese Zen Buddhist Temple
Cary Liu
The Ch'ing Dynasty Wen-Yuan-Ko Imperial Library: Architecture and the Ordering of Knowledge
Sally Metzler
The Alchemy of Drawing: Bartholomaus Spranger at the Court of Rudolf II
Tina Najbjerg
Public Painted and Sculptural Programs of the Early Roman Empire: A Case Study of the So-Called Basilica in Herculaneum
Margaret Vendryes
Expression and Repression of Identity: Race, Religion and Sexuality in the Art of American Sculptor Richmond Barthe
Gennifer Weisenfeld
Murayam, Mavo, and Modernity: Constructions of the Modern in Taisho Avant-Garde Art
Marina Belovic-Hodge
Ravanica Monastery Fresco Paintings in Medieval Art of the Balkans
Carol Benson
Recurring Figure-Types on Classical Attic Grave Stelai
Jesus Escobar
The Plaza Mayor of Madrid: Architecture, Urbanism and the Imperial Capital, 1560-1640
Kirsten Evans
The Daochos Monument
You-Heng Feng
Fishing Society at His-sai Mountain by Li Chieh (1124-before 1197): A Study of Scholar-Offical's Art in the Southern Sung Period
Martin Gasser
Jakob Tuggener: Photographs 1926-1956
Jennifer Milam
A Triumph of Ludicity: Games and Play in the Art of Jean-Honore Fragonard
Amy Ogata
Cottages and Crafts in Fin-De-Siecle Belgium: Artisans, Antimodernism and Art Nouveau, 1880-1910
Zhixin Sun
Jades of the Liangzhu Culture
Alexander Curtis
Sir Christopher Wren's City Churches: A Critical Reappraisal
Deborah Kawsky
The Survival , Revival, and Reappraisal of Artistic Tradition: Civic Art and Civic Identity in Quattrocento Siena
Richard Kent
The Sixteen Lohans in the Pai-miao Style: From Sung to Early Ch'ing
Alfreda Murck
The Meaning of the Eight Views of Hsiao-Hsiang: Poetry and Painting in Sung China
Jacqueline Musacchio
The Art & Ritual of Childbirth in Renaissance Italy
Doug Nickel
Francis Frith in Egypt and Palestine
Barbara Paca
The Use of Statues in the 18th Century English Landscape Garden
Eva Siroka
Northern Artists in Italy, CA. 1565-85: Hans Speckaert as a Draughtsman and a Teacher

Claude Cookman
The Photographic Reportage of Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1933-1973
Margaret D'Evelyn
Word and Image in Architectural Treatises of the Italian Renaissance
Ellen Handy
P.H. Emerson's Vision of East Anglian Life and Landscape
Anning Jing
Yongle Palace: The Transformation of the Daoist Pantheon During the Yuan Dynasty (1260-1368)
Margaret Laird
Evidence in Context: Public and Funerary Monuments of the seviri Augustales At Ostia
Veronique Plesch
Pinctor et Presbiter: Structures of Meaning in Giovanni Canavesio's Passion Cycle at Notre-Dame des Fontaines, La Brigue (1492)
Paul Provost
Winslow Homer 's Drawings in 'Black and White', c. 1875-1885
Ida Sinkevic
The Church of St. Panteleimon at Nerezi: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting
Andrew Watsky
The Art of the Ensemble: The Tsukubusuma Sanctuary 1570-1615
Sammye Justice
The Ilustrated Anglo-Norman Metrical Apolcalypse in England
Karen Koehler
Graphic Arts at the Weimar Bauhaus, 1919-1925: Context & Contradictions of Printmaking in the Early Years of the German Republic
Elizabeth Langridge
The Eucharides Painter and His Place in the Athenian Potters' Quarter
Evonne Levy
A Canonical Work of an Uncanonical Era: Re-reading the Chapel of Saint Ignatius (1695-1699) in the Gesu of Rome
Dianne Santinga
Old Testament Rituals of Sacrifice in Romanesque Art
Elizabeth Brotherton
Li-Kung-Lin and the Long Handscroll Illustrations of T'ao Ch'iens
Meredith Gill
A French Maecenas in the Roman Quatttrocento: The Patronage of Cardinal Guillaume D'Estouteville (1439-1483)
Michael Malaise
The Discovery of the Art of the Insane
Michael Rabens
The Rebuilt Chateau in the Work of Jules Hardouin-Margaret
Sheryl Reiss
Cardinal Giulio de'Medici as a Patron of Art 1513-1523
Vanessa Sellers
Garden Architecture in the Netherlands: The Gardens of Frederik Hendrik, the Prince of Orange (1584-1647)
Mary Stieber
Realism in Greek Art of the Archaic Period
Andrea Bayer
Brescia after the League of Cambrai- Moretto, Romanino and the Arts
Malcom Daniel
The Photographic Railway Albums of Edouard-Denis Baldus
Diane Harris-Cline
Inventory Lists of the Parthenon Treasures
Claudia Mark
Manuscript Illumination in Metz in the 14th C: Books of Hours, Workshops, and Personal Devotion
Hui-Liang Chu
The Chung Yu (A.D. 151-230) Tradition: A Pivotal Development in Sung Calligraphy
Tracy Cooper
The History and Decoration of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice
Lisa Farber
Jerg Ratgeb and the Herrenberg Altarpiece
Maxwell Hearn
The Kangxi Southern Inspection Tour: A Narrative Program by Wang Hui
Linda Klinger Alhei
The Portrait Collection of Paolo Giovio
Dorotthy Limouze
Aegidius Sadeler (c.1570-1629):Drawings, Prints and Art Theory
Ann Priester
The Belltowers of Medieval Rome and the Architecture of Renovatio
Catherine Scallen
Rembrandt and Saint Jerome
David Sensabaugh
Chao and Late Yuan-Early Ming Painting
Judith Steinhoff-Morrison
Bartolomeo Bulgarini and Sienese Painting of the Mid Fourteenth Century
Robert Harrist
A Scholar's Landscape: Shan-Chuang T'u by Li Kung-lin
Cathleen Hoeniger
The Painting Technique of Simone Martini
Gregory Clark
The Master of Morgan 453, an Illuminator in Paris and Amiens, 1415-1440
Peter Flagg
The Neo-Impressionist Landscape
Barbara Gordley
The Drawings of Domenico Beccafumi
Louisa Matthew
Lorenzo Lotto and the Patronage and Production of Venetian Alterpieces in the Early 16th C
Joan Richardson
The Byzantine Element in the Architecture and Architectural Sculpture of Venice, 1063-1140
Robert Russell, Jr.
Vox Civitatis: Aspects of Thirteenth-Century Communal Architecture in Lombardy
Robert Williams
Vincenzo Borghini and Vasari's Lives
Carla Antonaccio
The Archaeology of Early Greek Hero Cult
Eric Apfelstadt
The Later Sculpture of Antonio Rossellino
Roberta Bickford
Momei (Ink Plum), the Emergence, Formation, and Development of a Chinese Scholar-Painting Genre
Francis Broun
Sir Joshua Reynolds Collection of Paintings
Pao-Chen Chen
The Goddess of the Lo River: A Study of Early Chinese Narrative Handscrolls
James Clifton
Images of the Plague and Other Contemporary Events in Seventeenth-Century Naples
Gregory Leftwich
Ancient Conceptions of the Body and the Canon of Polykleitos
Steven Ostrow
The Sistine Chapel at S. Maria Maggiore: Sixtus V and the Art of the Counter Reformation
Orville Rothrock
Jacques Callot and Court Theatre (1608-1619)
Nancy Serwint
Greek Athletic Sculpture from the fifth and fourth centuries BC
Susan Sterling
Kenneth Noland's Artistic Evolution 1946-1965
Carol Armstrong
Odd Man Out: Readings of the Work and Reputation of Edgar Degas
Mark Johnson
Late Antique Imperial Mausolea
Paul Kruty
Frank Lloyd Wright and Midway Gardens
Laetitia La Follette
Palladio and the Baths of Trajan Decius: The Recovery of a 3rd C Bath Complex in Rome
Edward Harwood
Studies in the Art of John Constable
Robert Mattison
The Art of Robert Motherwell in the 1940's
Karen Brock
Tales of Gisho and Ganyo: Editor, Artist, and Audience in Japanese Picture Scrolls
Stephen Eisenman
On the Politics of Dreams: A Study of the Noirs of Odilon Redon
Gail Feigenbaum
Lodovico Carracci: A Study of His Later Career and a Catalogue of his Paintings
Nancy Finlay
Animal Themes in the Painting of Eugene Delacroix
M. Hendrix
Joris Hoefnagle and the Four Elements: A Study in 16th C Nature Painting
D. Emery Hulick
Diane Arbus and Her Imagery
Carol Lawton
Attic Document Reliefs of the Classical & Hellenistic Periods: Their History, Development & Use
Patricia Leach
Images of Political Triumph: Donatello's Iconography of Heroes
David Levine
The Art of the Bamboccianti
Nancy Moore
The Lifetime and Early Posthumous Coinage of Alexander the Great from Pella
Sergio Sanabria
The Evolution and Late Transformations of the Gothic Mensuration System
Shou-chien Shih
Eremitism in Landscape Paintings by Ch'ien Hsuan (ca. 1235-before 1307)
Harry Titus, Jr.
The Architectural History of Auxerre Cathedral
Barbara Tsakirgis
The Domestic Architecture of Morgantina in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods
H. Perry Chapman
The Image of the Artist: Roles and Guises in Rembrandt's Self-Portraits
Sabine Eiche
Alessandro Sforza and Pesaro: A Study in Urbanism and Architectural Patronage
Marilyn Fu
Hsien-Yu Shu's Calligraphy and His Admonitions Scroll of 1299
Ilene Lieberman
The Church Monuments of Sir Francis Chantrey, R.A.
Song-Mi Yi
Wu Chen's Mo-Chu P'U: Literati Painter's Manual on Ink Bamboo
Eileen Guggenheim-Wilkinson
Photo-Realist Painting
J. David Farmer
Bernard Van Orley of Brussels
Kenneth Hamma
Influence and Interpretation in Apulan Vase Painting of the 4th Century B.C.
Edith Kirsch/DECEASED 4/05
The Visconti Hours: the Patronage of Giangaleazzo Visconti and the Contribution of Giovannino dei Grassi
Robert McVaugh
The Casa Bartholdy Frescoes and Nazarene Theory in Rome, 1816-1817
Julia Murray
Sung Kao-Tsung, Ma Ho-chih and Mao Shih Scrolls: Illustrations of the Classic of Poetry
Nina Athanassoglou
French Images from the Greek War of Independence 1821-1827: Art and Politics Under the Restoration
Christopher Comer
Studies in Lorraine Act ca. 1580- ca. 1625
Margaret Miles
The Temple of Nemesis at Rhamnous
E. James Mundy, III
Gerard David Studies
Jenifer Neils
The Youthful Deeds of Theseus Iconography and Iconology
Sally Yard
William De Kooning: The First Twenty-Six Years in New York--1927-1952
Sarah Bancroft
Problems concerning the Archaic Acropolis at Athens
Filiz E. Burhan
Vision and Visonaries: 19th Century Psychological Theory, the Occult Sciences and the Formation of the Symbolist Aesthetic in France
Deborah Gibbons
Studies in Quattrocento Tuscan Wooden Sculpture
Barry Harwood
Nicolo Cordieri: His Activity in Rome 1592-1612
Carolyn Koehler
Corinthian A and B Transport Amphoras
P. Richard Stanley-Baker
Mid-Muromachi Paintings of the Eight Views
Birute Vileisis
The Genesis Cycle of Santa Maria Antiqua
William Ding-Yee Wu
Kung Hsien (ca. 1619-1689)
John Hand
Joos Van Cleve: The Early and Mature Paintings
A. Hay
Huang Kung-Wang's 'Dwelling in the Fu-ch'un Mountains: Dimensions of a Landscape
Christopher Moss
Roman Marble Tables
Steven Orso
In the Presence of the 'Planet King': Studies in Art and Decoration at the Court of Philip IV of Spain
Elaine Banks Stainton
Tintoretto's Religious Imaginery of the 1560's
John McKesson Camp
The Water Supply of Ancient Athens: From 3000 to 86 B.C.
Archer St. Clair Harvey
Early Christian Pyxides Carved with New Testament Scenes
Denis Hitchcock
The Iconography of the Van der Paele Madonna by Jan van Eyck
Demetrius Schilardi
The Thespian Polyandrion (424 B.C.): the Excavations and Finds of a Thespian State Burial
Charles Scribner, III
The Triumph of the Eucharist
Jeffrey Anderson
An Examination of Two Twelfth Century Centers of Byzantine Manuscript Production
Hugh Davies
Francis Bacon: the Early and Middle Years, 1928-1958
Shen Fu
Huang T'ing-chien's Calligraphy and his Scroll for Chang Ta-t'ung: a Masterpiece Written in Exile
William Gardner
The Role of Central Planning in English Romanesque Chapter House Design
Moritaka Matsumoto
Chang Sheng-Wen's Long Roll of Buddhist Images: A Reconstruction and Iconology
Roberta Olson
Studies in the Later Works of Sandro Botticelli
Susan Rotroff
Megarina Bowls in the Athenian Agora
Jack Spalding
Santi di Toto
Gary Vikan
Illustrated Manuscripts of Pseudo-Ephraem's Life of Joseph and the Romance of Joseph and Asenath
Gary Walters
Federico Barocci: Anima Naturaliter
David Wright
The Medici Villa at Olmo a Castello: Its History and Iconography
Oliver Banks
Watteau and the North
George Bauer
Gian Lorenzo Bernini: The Development of an Architectural Iconography
Thomas Glen
Rubens and the Counter-Reformation: Studies in his Religious Paintings between 1609 and 1620
Henry Graham, IV
Old Testament Cycles of Ilustration in the English Psalter in Munich, Clm. 835
Vojtech Jirat-Wasiutynski
Gauguin in the Context of Symbolism
Claudia Lazzaro
The Villa Lante at Bagnaia
Hayden Maginnis
Pietro Lorenzetti and Assisi
Micheline Moisan
The History of Decius Mus by Peter Paul Rubens
William Rhoads
The Colonial Revival
Robert Rorex
Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute
Yoshiaki Shimizu
Problems of Moku'an (?1323-1345)
Robert Clark
Joseph Maria Olbrich and Vienna
Ruth Gais
The Pedimental Sculptures from Olympia and the Oresteia of Aeschylus: Studies in Uses of the Visual
Ellen Reeder
Clay Impressions from Attic Metalwork
Paul Richelson
Studies in the Personal Imagery of Cosimo I de'Medici, Duke of Florence, 1973
David Steadman
Abraham Van Diepenbeeck
Claude Bergeron
City Planning in Turin 1800-1865: From Napoleon I to the First Capitol of Italy
Pierre d.1.R. du Prey FRSC.
John Soane's Architectural Education 1753-1780
Malcolm Bell, III
Terracotta finds at Morgantina
Robert Bergman
The Salerno Ivories
Diane DeGrazia
The Drawings of Jacopo Bertoia
George Goldner
Niccolo and Pietro Lamberti
Craig Harbison
The Last Judgment in Sixteenth Century Northern Europe, a Study in Art, Revolution, and Change
John Kenfield III
The Princeton Core and the Alyzian Cycle
Glen Scott
The European Background of the Formation of a Baroque Expression in Literature and Art
Jocelyn Small
Studies Related to the Theban Cycle on Late Etruscan Funerary Urns
Glenn Andres
Villa Medici In Rome
Richard Betts
The Architectural Theories of Francesco di Giorgio
Joseph Carter
Sculpture from Taranto
William Childs
The Lycian City-Reliefs and Their Mediterranean Traditions
Mark Davies
Studies on the Early Traditions of the Oresteia Legend in Art and Literature
Paul Deussen
The Polychromatic Ceramics of Centuripe
Harold Kalman
The Architecture of George Dance the Younger
Thomas McCormick
Charles-Louis Clerisseau and the Roman Revival
J. Graham Smith
The Casino of Pius IV in the Vatican Gardens
Ju-Hsi Chou
In Quest of the Primordial Line: The Genesis and Content of Tao Chi's Hua-Yu-Lu
Robert Deshman
The Iconography of the Full-Page Miniatures of the Benedictional of Aethelwold
Stephen Miller
The Prytaneion: Its Function and Architectural Form
Doula Mouriki
The Octateuch Miniatures of the Byzantine Manuscripts of Cosmas Indicopleustes
Michael Taylor
The Iconography of the Façade Decoration of the Cathedral of Orvieto
Hubert Allen III
The Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Chronology fo Greek Pottery: A Critical Examination of the Epigraphical and Literay Sources for the Absolute Chronology of Greek Pottery in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages
Wathiq al-Salihi
The Sculptures of Divinities from Hatra
Paul Sprague
The Architectural Ornament of Louis Sullivan and his Chief Draftsmen
Steven Lattimore
Studies in the Career of Skopas
Thomas Pelzel
Anton Raphael Mengs and Neoclassicism: His Art, His Influence and His Reputation
Shige Tsuji
The Study of the Byzantine Gospel Ilustrations in Florence Laur. Plut. VI 23 and Paris Bibl. Nat. cod. Gr. 74
Peter Walch
Angelica Kauffman
Richard Barnhart
Li Kung-lin's Hsiao Ching T'u-Illustrations of the Classic of Filial Piety
Sterling Boyd
The Adam Style in America: 1770-1820
W. Eugene Kleinbauer
The Aisled Tetraconch
Charles Minott
The Iconography of the Frescoes of the Life of Christ in the Church of Sant'Angelo in Formis
Ned Nabers
Macella: A Study in Roman Archaeology
Rand Carter
The Architecture of English Theatres: 1760-1860
Stephen Jacob
Architectural Preservation:American Development and Antecedents Abroad
W. McAllister Johnson
Prolegomena to the Ulysse Gallery and the School of Fontainbelau
David Lawall
Asher Brown Durand: His Art & Art Theory in Relation to this Times
Olan Rand, Jr.
Philippe de Champaigne: Studies in Style, Theory and Jansenist Influence
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