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Knowledge is Beautiful
Elyse Graham '07

Danish or Doughnut
Joshua Podolak GS

Maria M. Ramos GS

Fake Forest
Henry S. Horn

Artist of Nature
Hongzheng Jin GS

Sheila Arora '05

Spider's Genitalia
Maria M. Ramos GS

Icy Petals
Marty Taylor '05

Maria M. Ramos GS

G. dehiscens
Laura K.O. Smith '05

Miguel Gaspar GS

Blood Bars
Matt Hoffman GS

Dr. Warhol
Tiffany Vora GS

Wake of a Pitching Plate
James Buchholz GS and Alexander Smits

Maria-Teresa Simao

The Sustainable Nature of New Jersey
Henry S. Horn

Gabriel Doyle '05

Unknown Species
Darsh Ranjan '05

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