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Dr. Warhol
Tiffany Vora GS
Department of Molecular Biology
This is a composite of four filtered versions of an image captured on X-ray film. DNA was labeled with a non-radioactive tracer molecule and loaded onto an agarose gel to separate the molecules by size. Several of the samples were mixed with interacting molecules to cause a shift in the migration pattern of the DNA bands. I had intended to capture the results of the interaction on X-ray film. Unfortunately, when I removed the film from the felt-lined exposure chamber, I heard the crackle of static discharge. The image I had hoped to capture was ruined, but the discharge shows very clearly on the film. My aesthetic sensibilities aroused by this tiny bolt of lightning, I photographed the film through a series of filters on the machine we use to image our agarose gels. When I put the final image together, I realized that my ruined experiment was not a complete failure after all.