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Earth in Thread
Amineh Mahallati
Spouse of a Faculty Member
This is the story of Earth: where we are born, where we live and where we are buried. Inspired by art, nature and culture, I used vibrant dyes, cotton and polyester threads to design my unique piece. Earth images are reflected in my designed room. Looking down from an airplane, we know that earth is a plain land, but it is presented to us as an optical illusion. It could be a river or a chain of mountains. We are not sure about the depth and height of the land. It is simply appears to us as the magnificent creation and evolution of nature. I used innovative and manipulative techniques to create new textures. I wanted to unify forms and shapes in a particular way with the piece. These forms and shapes reproduce nature. The images are created on transparent fabric for its metaphorical and mystical lightness. Transparent surfaces allow light and air to circulate through and around the piece while creating an atmosphere of peace, wonder and magical beauty. I folded, layered, dyed, boiled and then stitched the fabric to reach the stage of transforming earth images to the cloth. I created an environment to embrace us as soon as we step inside this room. My intentions are to grab the far images of earth and present them closer to our eyes and tangible to our hands.