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The Program in Dance at Princeton allows for the serious and dedicated investigation of dance within the context of a broad liberal arts education. Passionate, invested students are given the opportunity to explore the artistry and physicality of movement at the kinetic, creative, and cognitive levels through studio and seminar courses. The program’s depth and flexibility allows for the nurturing and development of beginning students as well as those at the pre-professional level. Learn more
One of the hallmarks of the Princeton Program in Dance is the facility with which it can be shaped to each student’s needs and desires. Students, with the careful guidance of a faculty composed of professional dance artists, design their own path through the multitude of courses and opportunities offered: ranging from introductory dance courses to pre-professional repertory and performance. Comprising the core of the Program in Dance is a community dedicated to the creative exploration and technical advancement of every interested student as well as to the furthering of dance as an art form within and beyond campus boundaries.

The Certificate in Dance, completed by approximately twelve students each year, allows for the creation of substantive independent work on the part of dancers and choreographers who have demonstrated a particularly deep interest in the field. A creative thesis can be a choreographic or performance project. In recent years, juniors and seniors in the comparative literature, neuroscience, history of science, english, and mechanical engineering departments have all integrated dance into their departmental theses and junior papers.

Beyond the certificate students, each semester the program is composed of upwards of 60 members of the University community who participate in curricular activities. These students, regardless of whether they choose to pursue a certificate, take part in the many performance opportunities on campus as well as courses and master classes. Participation in daily ballet classes, work by guest artists, and student dance companies, alongside courses offered through the Lewis Center allow the serious-minded dancer to dance for upwards of 30 hours a week while pursuing outside interests and majors.

Student-run dance companies are another major facet of the dance scene at Princeton and, while entirely independent from the Program in Dance, enjoy a symbiotic relationship with it. Students from the Program in Dance often form an integral part of these companies, as artistic directors, choreographers, and dancers. There are currently 22 companies ranging in style from ballet to hip hop to classical Indian and Middle Eastern dance.

Beyond time spent in the studio, Princeton’s proximity to New York, Philadelphia, and the McCarter Theatre affords students the opportunity to see and experience the cutting-edge of dance as it exists in the field. Field trips and subsidized tickets keep students connected to the professional dance companies and their work. [close]

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